The Teleios Difference

At the Intersection of Utilities and Technology


Teleios Commodities is a fully capitalized investment boutique operating at the intersection of utilities and technology with a focus on driving innovation in the energy space. As a team of experts with diverse backgrounds and strong track records of successful business growth and exits, we invest in and provide operational expertise to companies founded upon best-in-class leadership and transparency, enabling information and idea exchange to flow freely across the Teleios ecosystem.


We are in the business of building successful enterprises, not the capital raising business. Having the benefit of a built-in and readily accessible capital pool means that we spend 100% of our time identifying attractive opportunities and helping our portfolio companies achieve their growth objectives. Our typical investments are small to mid-sized and early stage in nature.


We are a team of experts with diverse backgrounds and unique, but complementary skillsets. Courtesy of decades of combined experience building and exiting profitable companies, we partner with our affiliates to bring operational efficiency and immediate economies of scale. We allocate our significant resources to each investment, and our extensive network within the industry means that we can quickly access a multitude of resources that our portfolio companies may not be able to access on their own.

Intellectual Property

Our objective is to build an extensive cache of intellectual property that may be utilized by all of our portfolio companies. As we partner with additional industry experts, the IP base expands exponentially, providing massive economies of scale. Teleios maintains a central database consisting of both publicly available market information and proprietary data from our affiliates.

Our Partner Focus


Our preference is for our portfolio companies to be hard asset light and IP heavy. We invest in companies that drive innovation in the commodities and utility arena and bring unique approaches to the rapidly evolving energy sector. Our focus on IP over hard assets enables scalable growth and attractive multiples upon exit.

Experienced Leadership

We partner with seasoned, proven operators who are recognized experts in the their fields. Our unique approach and full spectrum of resources allow business founders to focus 100% of their time on what they do best.

Data and Asset Scalability

We want to leverage our skill base for the benefit of our partners. Whether you need back office assistance, information access and transparency, growth capital or a combination of all, Teleios can provide benefits that go well beyond those of other investment firms.


Whether achieving lower electricity expenses, hedging price risk, or implementing behind-the-meter cost reduction strategies, Teleios partners will realize bottom-line gains courtesy of our product suite. Efficient, compliant exchange of information within the Teleios ecosystem reveals market arbitrage and monetization opportunities. Teleios partners will thrive by consolidating profit centers, achieve scale through disruption, create sticky customer bases, and as a result, accelerate time to profitability. The average Teleios investment is cash flow positive within 18-24 months.

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