Teleios Commodities Announces Formation of cEntellect

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THE WOODLANDS, TX, July 9, 2018 – Teleios Commodities, LLC (“Teleios”) announced today its role as majority owner of cEntellect, LLC (“cEntellect”), in partnership with cEntellect Founder and Managing Partner Mike Reed. Based in Southlake, TX, cEntellect’s team of energy risk management professionals combine proprietary IP and expertise to provide clients with optimized commodity price and risk solutions for crude, natural gas, and power. As a Teleios platform company, cEntellect will leverage operational assistance and Teleios’ proprietary power and gas database to lead clients in fully monetizing the value of their assets and operations.

Members of cEntellect’s management team have built their careers upon successful execution and management of commodity markets and assets. For more than thirty-five years, Founder and Managing Partner Mike Reed has been immersed in risk, asset valuation, strategy and execution in energy commodities verticals. He has been called on to lead research, risk, and analytics groups for world-class organizations, including PG&E Trading, TXU, Hunt Oil, ICAP Global, Credit Suisse, BP Capital, and a host of private equity and investment banking groups.

Brandon Schwertner, Founder and Managing Partner of Teleios Commodities, notes, “The industry knows Mike Reed’s pedigree of expertise and success, but less well-known is the significant cache of proprietary AI-assisted technology Mike has developed to help him beat market crude and natural gas storage expectations 68% of the time over the last two years. cEntellect will become a vital component of the Teleios platform, providing key asset and risk management strategy guidance to our vertical investments in addition to sustainable, scalable revenue growth.”

cEntellect Founder and Managing Partner Mike Reed is optimistic about partnering with Teleios. “My longstanding professional relationship with Brandon Schwertner and the Teleios team affords me great confidence in their ability to deliver operational expertise, technology and capital that will be truly accretive to the business. Through this partnership, cEntellect is poised to become a force in the energy commodity industry, providing the best pricing and risk strategy guidance for asset valuation, hedging and trading. Our combined capabilities promise a bright and profitable future together.”

About cEntellect
cEntellect delivers research and analysis, dynamic and optimized risk management services, predictive analytics, valuation services and Valuation VectorsTM for crude oil, natural gas, power, and related energy clients looking to fully realize the value of their assets. Customers span the energy sector including producers, consumers, transporters, financial market participants, and capital providers. cEntellect is founded by best-in-class operators who have experienced success in various ventures in the energy commodity space. Through our partnership with Teleios, we aim to provide unparalleled service and accuracy, paving the way for investment opportunities in our clients’ projects and/or funds.

About Teleios Commodities
Teleios Commodities is a fully capitalized investment firm operating at the intersection of utilities and technology with a focus on driving innovation in the energy space. As a team of experts with diverse backgrounds and strong track records of successful business growth and exits, we invest in and provide operational expertise to companies founded upon best-in-class leadership and transparency, enabling information and idea exchange to flow freely across the Teleios ecosystem. Ours is a fully integrated commodity services and solutions platform focused on streamlining the technical and economic application of informed energy and risk management, commodity production and procurement, wholesale and retail market access, end user delivery and technology. An ecosystem is created through service integration, ultimately providing customer cost efficiencies and cutting-edge energy applications.

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