We Do Five Things...

We Invest in Strategic Partnerships

We provide capital and services to wholesale & retail gas and power companies. Acting as a true partner with direct incentive alignment, these solutions reduce commodity price risk while increasing controllable returns for our partners.

Our systems provide everything required of a commodity business as it pertains to risk management and financial reporting, or in what we call “everything in between EDI and billing.”

We Provide Systems as a Service

We lease our systems as a service. Competitive energy companies and utilities benefit from economies of scale by utilizing our state of the art risk management system and reporting service create specifically for the retail marketplace. Our systems produce institutional grade risk management reporting and income statement generation.

We Provide Audit and Portfolio Valuations

We support investment firms, banks, and growth companies with portfolio valuation and audit services.  We conduct our audits based upon years of successfully operating in the space.  Our process includes a bottoms up approach whereby we independently create financial reporting, account by account, resulting in a portfolio wide risk and financial outlook for the business.

Recent market transactions are then independently overlaid for valuation guidance.  Our valuations live daily and can be utilized throughout the life of our partnerships.

We Provide Commodity Trading Advisory Services

We provide commodity execution and market guidance solutions for the power, gas, and crude sector.  Our services are provided at zero cost where 100% of our fees are performance based.  Whether it is navigating highly volatile short term markets or executing exotic products in the less liquid term markets, our team of traders and years of experience can directly improve your risk management process.

  • Portfolio Construction
  • Valuation
  • Strategy
  • Hedge Execution
  • Position Management
  • Financial Reporting

We Provide M&A Advisory Services

We provide M&A Advisory services to buy and sell side companies in the electricity, natural gas, and crude space.  In conjunction with our audit teams, we work to prepare businesses for sell, or in turn search for acquisition target.  In addition to our process, we bring the ability to co-invest in transactions that we find strategic to our mandate in the utility sector.

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