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We believe that buying or selling a business is very similar to a real estate transaction. Homeowners wouldn’t think about selling their home without staging it first. And home buyers wouldn’t think about putting a binding bid in without a proper inspection.

At Teleios Commodities, we capably represent both buyers and sellers in their quest to manage value in a sale process.

Teleios helps business buyers arrive at the right offer

  • Ours is a bottoms-up approach that begins with a forward income statement reconstruction based upon customer contract data that is valued against our proprietary forward curves.
  • With a full range of financial and data science capabilities, we are able to run sensitivities around key value drivers, including new business, renewals and customer attrition.
  • As former operators, Teleios is also prepared to provide outsourced pricing, trading, renewables compliance, risk management and other services to buyers that are entering the market for the first time.

Teleios helps business sellers get full value

  • Our bottom’s up approach to portfolio valuation helps sellers to identify anomalies in the underlying data set before they open up a data room.
  • The process also highlights areas likely to receive more scrutiny (positive and negative) during diligence so that the seller can proactively address them in their Confidential Information Memorandum, during Management Presentations and throughout confirmatory diligence.
  • An independent valuation not only provides a useful data point when it comes to evaluating bids, but it also helps highlight bright spots that the seller may be undervaluing in the context of enterprise value.

Just like home purchases, the purchase or sale of a business is one of the most important financial transactions that a business executive will undertake. Teleios can help ensure the process goes smoothly and that the final outcome is aligned to your objectives.

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