At the Intersection of Energy and Technology

cEntellect delivers research and analysis, dynamic and optimized risk management services, predictive analytics, valuation services and Valuation Vectors for crude oil, natural gas, power, and related energy clients looking to fully realize the value of their assets. Customers cover a wide range of the energy sector including producers, consumers, transporters, financial market participants, and capital providers. cEntellect’s founders have built their professional careers on successful execution and management of commodity assets and financial markets.

Powervine is a retail energy business that supplies energy to independent, intelligent homeowners and small business owners looking for consistent price and value. Powervine’s electricity, natural gas and energy related products are green by design and much more environmentally friendly than utility products. Markets served include residential dwellings and small business establishments within the states of CT, IL, MA, MD, ME, NH, NJ, NY, OH, PA, and RI. Primary sales channels are direct mail and internet sales. Powervine customers will get more for every dollar they spend.

Pulse Power and affiliated brands (Lone Star Energy, PowerNext, Energy to Go and New Power Texas) offer comprehensive energy solutions to Texas residential and small commercial customers.  With diverse choices delivered through a multi-channel approach, Pulse provides the right combination of technology, value, and simplicity to meet the emerging needs of sophisticated consumers.

“We do four things extremely well” 

Energy Trading and Risk Management System and Service

Excessive electricity market volatility and positive load vs. price correlation make institutional grade risk management paramount. Proper construct, administration, and market intelligence are key for retailers to produce controlled growth and sustainable earnings.

Load Forecasting Utilizing Big Data Analytics & Machine Learning

Standardized regression modeling is a common practice in the retail space. Most popular are ISO wide models, inherently compromised by assuming identical load factors. Customized regression modeling utilizing portfolio and subordinate load factors, proprietary weather normalization, and daily back testing is key to accurate forecasting.

Retail and Wholesale Pricing

Bottoms-up retail pricing models built using all ISO-specific components enable high frequency sales execution and enable dynamic hedging practices. Linking real-time price components allow the retailer to accelerate high margin opportunities while pumping the brakes when punitive market moves occur.

Retail Settlements and Actualization

Transparent settlement data and accurate reporting is a standard requirement by credit providers. Actualization is a critical process for retailers in order to understand forecasted gross margin discrepancies, and the reasons why, to the penny.

We provide commodity execution and market guidance solutions for the power, gas, and crude sector. Our services are provided at zero cost where 100% of our fees are performance based. Whether it is navigating highly volatile short term markets or executing exotic products in the less liquid term markets, our team of traders and years of experience can directly improve your risk management process.

  • Portfolio Construction
  • Valuation
  • Strategy
  • Hedge Execution
  • Position Management
  • Financial Reporting

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