On the Intersection of Energy and Technology

Investing in Energy Innovation
at the Intersection of Utilities and Technology

Our investments are consistent with our thematic beliefs and deliver synergy via consolidation of infrastructure.


cEntellect delivers research and analysis, dynamic and optimized risk management services, predictive analytics, valuation services and Valuation Vectors for crude oil, natural gas, power, and related energy clients looking to fully realize the value of their assets. Customers cover a wide range of the energy sector including producers, consumers, transporters, financial market participants, and capital providers. cEntellect’s founders have built their professional careers on successful execution and management of commodity assets and financial markets.

Powervine Energy

Powervine is a retail energy business that supplies energy to independent, intelligent homeowners and small business owners looking for consistent price and value. Powervine’s electricity, natural gas and energy related products are green by design and much more environmentally friendly than utility products. Markets served include residential dwellings and small business establishments within the states of CT, IL, MA, MD, ME, NH, NJ, NY, OH, PA, and RI. Primary sales channels are direct mail and internet sales. Powervine customers will get more for every dollar they spend.

A Platform of Energy Funds

Ara Partners is an alternative asset manager focused on the industrial, chemicals & materials and energy sectors. Ara Partners takes a thematic approach to investing within these sectors by seeking to build businesses that have exposure to the ongoing energy transition, benefiting from the secular changes in the energy and power markets and the increasing importance of sustainability and efficiency. In addition to being a direct investor, Ara Partners is affiliated with six other firms: Aksiom Partners, Bayou City Energy, Cibolo Energy Partners, Intervale Capital, Junction Energy Capital and Teleios Commodities.

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