About Us

At the Intersection of Utilities and Technology


Teleios Commodities is an integrated commodity services and solutions platform focused on streamlining the technical and economic application of informed energy & risk management, commodity production and procurement, wholesale and retail market access, end user delivery, and technology.

An Ecosystem of Energy Services

Teleios invests in and operates related commodity services companies where the combination of individual offerings enable economic disruptive application within the energy markets. We own a majority stake in each affiliate business and, to create alignment of interests, each of the affiliates own a stake in Teleios.

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Our Team

As a team of experts with diverse backgrounds and unique, complementary skillsets, we possess the intellectual capital necessary to accelerate your growth.

Investment Themes

We invest in companies founded upon best in class leadership and transparency. Explore our thematic focus here.


Teleios is an affiliate of Ara Partners, a private equity platform that brings together focused investment specialists in the energy and infrastructure sectors.

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